What Color of coat does the dog have in the picture  above?

The dog above is Diesel!  He is one of our treasured stud dogs and is so smart with an absolute stunning coat.  His coat color is considered a black phantom.  The second color appears on the sides of the muzzle, on the throat/chest, above each eye, on all four legs and feet, and below the tail and can be very slight to prominent.

An Australian Labradoodle is a multi-generational Labradoodle that originated from Australia bred specifically for therapy work and companionship. Although different breeds were used in the initial fine tuning of the breed, today around the world three breeds are now used to make the Australian Labradoodle: Labrador Retriever, Poodle and Cocker Spaniel (English or American). Despite the name this breed does not contain an Australian Shepherd. They are very social, athletic, smart and affectionate and their eyes are often referred to as human because of the the connection they have with people. 

What is an Australian Labradoodle?

Do Australian Labradoodles shed?

The single coat of an Australian Labradoodle is as non shedding as any dog can be which is considered allergy friendly.  

How often should I groom my Australian Labradoodle?

We encourage all of our puppy/dog owners to daily brush your dog.  This is not only a good practice for their coat to stay mat free, but it is so important for bonding with your furry friend.  We recommend a professional groom every six to eight weeks, along with plucking their ears, nail trimming and brushing their teeth for good oral hygiene.

Where are you located?

We are located in Northern Colorado, close to the I25 corridor, where you can enjoy looking at the beautiful and impressive view of the Rocky Mountains when you come and pick up your puppy!

Can I stop by and Visit your dogs and your facility?

One of things that we enjoy so much is meeting our upcoming puppy families!  It has been hard for us to limit our interaction, but after years of opening up our doors for visits, we realized that we had to focus our energy and time raising our puppies. We allow visits for the families on scheduled days for picking out their puppies when they are 6-7 weeks. This is a special day for the puppies and families to interact with each other.  

Do all of your dogs live on your property?

Our dogs are pretty special to us!  We believe that it is best for them to live in a home where they are loved and nurtured by a family.  This place is either in our own home or in a guardian home that provides them with the best environment of love, boundaries, obedience training, nutrition and grooming. 

After your family is notified that your puppy is born, we hold a visit at our house when the puppies are 6-7 weeks of age.  This visit is scheduled by us and involves all of the people that are on that specific litter.  This is a special time for you to interact with the puppies. 

We believe that you should have an opinion about which puppy you will eventually take home.  Because of this, we do not solely allocate puppies, but direct people on how to choose what is best for their family.  This process follows the order of when the deposit was placed and each family is notified of their placing when the puppy announcement is sent out.  If you are not satisfied with the placing on the announcement email, you will have the opportunity to respond to Hilltop Labradoodles by email within 72 hours to defer and wait for an upcoming litter. 

when do I find out which puppy is mine?

How do I get placed on your reservation list?

This is an easy answer!  Fill out an application and wait for my response.  If for some reason, you do not hear from us within a 24 hour period, please email us to verify we received your application.  We go over all of our applications carefully, and unfortunately are human and can overlook them at times.  One thing that is very important to us is that you know that we value you as a client!  After we look over your application, we will check back in with questions or ask if you would like to be placed on the list.  Once you give us the thumbs up, we will send over an invoice to pay a reservation fee of $500 and place you on our list for receiving a puppy.  This fee goes towards the final amount due when your puppy is four weeks old.

The answer is a hard NO from my husband!  The barn is for our athletic, well trained gentle giants.  We currently have two Warmbloods named Balou and Calandro, and two Gypsy Cobbs from Wild Prairie Ranch named Sweetheart and Dolly, otherwise known as 'D'.  We would love any owl to come visit and keep the pigeons at bay, but until then we will just enjoy the sounds of a larger than life birdhouse.

DO you raise your dogs in your beautiful barn?