Guardian Home Opportunity 

Our Hilltop Labradoodles guardian home is an excellent opportunity for you to have a breeder picked, health tested Australian Labradoodle, which means you get the best of the best!  We retain ownership and breeding rights of the dog until the guardian contract is fulfilled.  The dog will then be spayed/neutered, and ownership will be transferred to the guardian family.  This allows our dogs to live in a loving home environment while allowing a family the opportunity of ownership. Females include three breedings after passing health testing of OFA hips, elbows, heart, patellas and eye certification.  To be considered for a guardian opportunity, we require that you live in and around Northern Colorado.

We cover all breeding related expenses, including reproductive and health testing.  The guardian family is responsible for typical health related expenses, such as food, immunizations, heart worm prevention, training, grooming etc.

Our requirements:
  • Provide a loving and healthy home
  • Connect with us on all breeding related matters. ex: heat cycles, breeding plans and protecting the dog against unplanned mating. 
  • There will be no other intact dogs in the home.  Only spayed or neutered pets.
  • Be open and willing to receive advice on matters pertaining to the dog.
  • Provide adequate socialization and training.
  • Be willing to keep the guardian dog in a fully fenced area or on leash while outside.
  • Agree to feel high quality food recommended by us.
  • Possess the financial means to ensure routine and emergency veterinarian care and provide Hilltop Labradoodles all veterinary records. (Required by PACFA)
  • Maintain professional grooming every 6-8 weeks.
  • Willingness to stay in contact with us.
  • Understand that we will need to have various appointments during the heat cycles, including over night for breeding purposes and they will whelp puppies at our home and live with us until puppies are weaned.

During prescheduled visits, guardian families may visit their dog and her puppies!  It is highly encouraged to plan trips around the time they have puppies to not worry about kenneling or the cost of a dog sitter.

If you are interested in Hilltop Labradoodle's guardian home program, please fill out an application and indicate you are interested. We will be in touch shortly after it is recieved!