Trained  Puppies

I reached out to Hilltop Labradoodles in September 2022 after my senior dog, Mo, passed away from old age at 15. I had lost my other senior, Jacques, (18) earlier in January.

I shared with Merritt my struggle with PTSD and social anxiety, emphasizing that I was looking for a mellow, well behaved canine citizen, who could help me face life’s daily challenges. That is when she mentioned that her Moe (now George) might be a good fit.

I chose to enroll Moe/ George in Hilltop Labradoodles’ Best Dog Training program…one of the better decisions I have ever made. Under Dan’s watchful supervision and diligent training, I ended up with the BEST dog I ever had (and I have had quite a few dogs over the years). 

Merritt and Dan listened to what I was looking for in a dog: a puppy with an old soul… not an easy request…but just like that, after weeks of training, they brought me George! 

Not only is George stunning (he gets so many compliments, I hope the fawning doesn’t go to his head), he is also the product of responsible breeding, sound genetics, and fantastic training! He is the perfect emotional support dog, hopefully soon to be certified as a service dog. 

Merritt and Dan understood the needs of a person with an emotional disability; in breeding and training George, they successfully matched the right human with the right canine. 

Thank you Hilltop Labradoodles, and thank you Merritt and Dan. I am deeply grateful for George. 



We had been researching a family dog for quite some time when we came across Hilltop Labradoodles. We contacted Merritt in March of 2023. My husband had never had a dog. My daughter was desperate for a furry best friend. Our household thrives on calmness and structure and we knew we needed a dog who was trained so it would be a good experience for our family as well as the dog. 

We met a handful of Hilltop’s trained dogs. We were impressed to say the least when all the dogs were with new “strangers” and behaving respectfully and obediently yet playfully. The dogs and humans were sharing space harmoniously. They had a demeanor unlike any we had seen. Although each dog was unique, there was a calmness and confidence in each dog. I’ve never sat in a living room with 5 dogs peacefully. Our daughter bonded with our now Maple girl. We commited to Maple who was in the Best Dog program. We were so happy they chose us to be her family. We knew she’d be a good dog, but we had no idea just ‘how good.’ 

Maple receives compliments wherever we go. People are astounded that she is a puppy and so calm. Welcoming her into our home was an easy transition for all involved because of her training. She is a joy to take on walks. She respects other dogs and people. She doesn’t bark or jump. She is so well behaved. Maple is easy to take on errands (an excellent car passenger). She doesn’t whine and isn’t easily excitable. For example, she can go to an outdoor patio with us and lay under the table. We don’t even know she’s there. Maple would be a terrific therapy dog. 

Maple is beautiful and receives so many compliments. Beyond her good looks, she is even more captivating with her training and demeanor. I can never thank Dan and Merritt enough. They’ve given us a gift that has changed our lives and are eternally grateful for Maple coupled with their superb and skillful training program.

JEssica S.

Our Best Dog Program is the highest level of a trained dog that we offer and is paired with the best of Hilltop Labradoodles genetics.  This program includes the price of the puppy ($3200) plus the training, a subscription to Aly's Puppy Bootcamp Academy and a set of  emails that will prepare and train you to welcome your trained dog into your home.  Our goal is for you to welcome a new puppy into your home that will be pleasant to live with and has a good foundation.  The Best Dog Program is the best value we have to offer.  These dogs will be ready to go home at approximately 22-26 weeks old. These puppies will be:  
  • Crate Trained and House broken
  • Basic Obedience Cues- Sit, Stay, Come, Paws up and Place
  • Daily Socialization-People,Dogs, Places, Sights and Sounds
  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Work with Distance and Distraction
  • House Manners
  • Grooming Manners
  • Car Riding Manners

The price for our Best Dog Program is $12,000  (This includes the pet puppy price.)

What can I expect?

Best Dog Program

Our Great Start Program is for those that want to purchase a pet puppy but just need a little help and support getting things started.  You can choose the puppy you would like to have trained and then let them stay with us for four more weeks. 
  • This Great Start program includes crate training and house breaking, socialization along with an introduction to leash training, place and sit. $2780 + the pet puppy price

This programs will keep your puppy up o date on all vaccines and vet work and grooming, microchip and health guarantee.

Please email to inquire our trained dogs.

Great Start Program

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Available Trained  Puppies


Joey was born on October 4th, 2023 out of Dolly and Zimmer. He will mature to around 23 lbs and is a beautiful Apricot Parti with a soft cottony fleece coat. Joey is a very fun, energetic, loving and snuggly boy! He is animated and has fun playing fetch when given the opportunity. Joey is eager to please, and responds to consistent leadership. His confidence shines when he is out in public and readily responds to training commands. 


We call him Marvelous Marvin because his eye contact is phenomenal! He is the leader in his training pack and has easily mastered all of his skills. Marvin has been a joy to train and is really fun to be around.  His parents are Cricket and Bowie. He has a beautiful soft black coat, that matches the gentleness of his eyes. The white markings on his coat draw lots of attention when he is out in social situations. He is quiet and mellow.

Marvin will be ready for a new home in April!


Bubba is a very affectionate dog who prances his way through life in a joyful and curious manner. This puppy is everything you will want in an endearing companion. From his lap size to his adorable demeanor with people, Bubba will capture your heart. He combines a playful nature with a gentle, reserved disposition that makes spending time with him a joy. Bubba has been exposed to a variety of high-distraction environments like Old Town Fort Collins, big box stores, and large sporting goods environments. He easily mastered the unfamiliar environments in our barn and other training areas, and has been conditioned to respond positively to the many challenging situations presented to him. He has the ability to respond to verbal, physical, and visual signals while on leash. Bubba will more than please all who get to spend affectionate time with him, making the experience more than a fond memory. He is an ideal homebody dog!

Sold Trained 


Pippa was born on July 4th, 2023 out of Cricket and Bowie. At almost eight months old she is 15 lbs and has the perfect teddy bear look matched with such a beautiful fleece chocolate coat.  We call Pippa a little bunny because she is such a bouncy joyful soul, loves to play. She is smart and has mastered the Best Dog training program. Pippa is super confident, affectionate, and energetic. She will be a great playmate with other dogs and people. You will love the puppy most for her playful demeanor, attentive approach and sweet responses.














 We are a Training affiliate of ALy's Puppy Boot Camp

Supporting you is a key ingredient to the success of our training program. We chose to affiliate with Aly because she offers the best way to support our clients that have purchased a trained dog! This information covers the foundations of dog psychology, drives & motivations, safety, how to's, and so much more!! The education foundation provided will prepare you and your trained dog each day.  This gives you in depth information about everything you are going to need to know to maintain the fantastic training your dog has accomplished.