We specialize in breeding beautiful, loveable, authentic Australian Labradoodles. Our focus is selecting the best parent dogs to continue the health and stability of the breed.  

Hilltop Crew


Hudson is a Miniature size Australian multi generational Labradoodles Caramel Parti boy that has such a tender heart. He is extremely loyal and always wanting to please his owner. This paired with his gentle disposition and having the easiest coat to care for makes his puppies extremely desirable. He is an ideal stud dog that we are proud use in our program to replicate his gentle loving and affectionate personality. Looking into his amber colored eyes will have you wanting a dog just like him.

Pr Labradoodle Hudson

WALa#       00011111

ALAA#       065383

Long Island labradoodle adair

Adair is our red miniature Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle that has a very full non-shedding wavy soft fleece coat. I love his stocky build and fun loving nature.  If Adair would be a person he would have the reputation of being the life of the party and he loves pizza!  Adair's puppies are known for their loving disposition and show stopping good looks.

Wala#   00023444

Alaa#     088386

Riverbend Labradoodle Bowie

Bowie is miniature in size comes to us from our friends at Riverbend Labradoodles.  He doesn't lack in personality and has an extremely confident temperament. Pairing up with another breeder to buy excellent lines is always a compliment and a bonus to our program at Hilltop Labradoodles.  He lives here with us and we love the goofy things he does!  He loves to sit and chill out where ever we are but has fun running with all the dogs at our home.  His coat is so luxuriously soft and has an amazing stocky build!  

Wala#    00038468

Alaa#     124165

Hilltop Labradoodle Diesel

Diesel is so enjoyable to be around and stunning as they come.  His coat is easy to care for and his phantom markings have stayed as dark as they were the day he was born.  Smart is an understatement for this boy.  He catches on fast but the best part about him is that he loves to cuddle and is so affectionate.  He enjoys his playdates here at Hilltop and frisbee golf is his favorite pastime.

Wala#    00052383

Alaa#     122661

Midwest Labradoodle Bear

Bear is so social and fun loving!  He would be the extroverted dog that wants to follow and help with any job you have.  He has a luxurious coat that you want to run your hands through!  You will always find Bear carrying his favorite toys and throwing them in the air to catch them.  He is a dog that loves to sit at your feet and honor you with his presence.

Wala#   00052391

Alaa#     122672

Farmer's Daughter Ollie

Ollie is our smallest stud and is such a character! He is smart, confident, super loving and looks like a real live teddy bear. His gentle and captivating eyes either beg you to play with him or ask for a snuggle. Ollie's coat is what I would call perfect! It is so velvety soft and easy to groom. Ollie and Hudson are best buddies and have fun entertaining anyone around.


Hilltop Labradoodle Ginger

The funniest thing I know about Ginger is that she likes to put on pajamas every night!  She is a therapy dog for a home care worker and goes to all of her client's homes.  Ginger is a very loving dog and is loved by everyone she meets.  She is loved by so many in her life.

Wala#    00052398

Alaa#     122669

Hilltop Labradoodle Full Bloom Marigold

Marigold is so SWEET it is hard to give you a measure of her gentle and kind spirit.  She is quiet and perfectly paired with the three little girls in her guardian home, and loves to be with them.  She is a magical animal in how she knows how to comfort and sense when you are in need.  I can't write enough words to describe her tender hearted nature.  As a miniature Australian Labradoodle she has a beautiful Apricot-Red soft non shedding fleece coat that is easy to groom and care for. 

Wala#    00052399

Alaa#     122671

Hilltop Labradoodle Amber

When I think of Amber, I actually think of how obsessed her guardian home is with her!  They have so much fun with her. She is so incredibly patient with them and I know she absolutely loves it!  They dress her up in everything and anything, sunglasses, ball caps, dresses and the funniest thing is that she keeps all of it on while they take pictures of her.  Who wouldn't want such a gentle, patient, loving and obedient dog?!  If Amber's puppies are anything like her, they will be the best dogs with children or anyone wanting a wonderful family dog!

Wala#    00074442

Alaa#     128128

Hilltop Labradoodle Gigi

Gigi is our smallest Australian Labradoodle at 14 inches and 15 lbs.  She has an absolutely beautiful dark chocolate soft wavy fleece non shedding coat.  Gigi is loyal, loving, sweet tempered and energetic dog.  She is a fun sized girl and the mom of our first micro mini litter.  

Wala#    00092535 
Alaa#     128120

Hilltop Labradoodle Ripley

I can't speak highly enough of this amazing girl!  Ripley has such a stable, solid, even temperament and is so easy to be around that I can't think of any environment that she couldn't be in.  She is a miniature Australian Labradoodle and has a striking black  wooly coat and soft heart warming eyes.  She acts as a therapy dog in her guardian home and is so loving.  We are so excited to see what her first litter turns out like!

Wala#    00077141

Alaa#     128122

Hilltop Labradoodle Sugar

Sugar is what her name is!  Super sweet, spunky and absolutely beautiful!  Her guardian home refers to her as Sienna and she lives with our other Hilltop Labradoodle Amber.  Sugar is a comedian and would make anyone laugh and has a fabulous soft coat.  We can't wait for her first litter of puppies

Wala#    00095161

Alaa#     128784

Hilltop Labradoodle Dolly

Dolly gets all the looks when she walks down the street!  She is amazing with people and is like an old soul.  Anyone would fall in love with her and her cute face.  We love her well rounded personality and how she loves to snuggle when she gets the chance.  She is a miniature in size and has a stunning caramel coat.  We can't wait for her first litter of puppies!

Wala#    000

Alaa#     128125

Hilltop Labradoodles Ember

Look at that face! Ember is attentive to all that goes on around her.  She loves to play and has energy to hike, run, and explore, but doesn't lack when also trying to get affection.  Her coat is a lovely lavender/parchment color and is as soft as it looks.  She produces amazing puppies that are a dream to train!

Wala#    000

Alaa#     128124

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